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Users' Sharings / POSCAR Editor tutorial class 1
« on: October 18, 2020, 09:51:05 PM »
Construction of adsorption model of butyl ammonium molecule at carbon vacancy on graphene surface

Link1 :
Link2 :

Users' Sharings / Calculation examples
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:10:32 PM »
分享Graphic Instructor的使用演示视频,不足之处,还望大家多多指教!
   (1).Graphic Instructor使用演示视频全集
   (1).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例1:软件下载及安装
   (2).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例2:用户的注册登陆及软件的更新
   (3).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例3:结构的弛豫
   (4).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例4:分态密度
   (5).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例5:分能带
   (6).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例6:NEB
   (7).Title:Graphic Instructor VASP 实例7:电荷密度
   (1).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class1 Download & Install
   (2).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class2 Register Login Updates
   (3).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class3 Relaxations
   (4).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class4 Partial DOS
   (5).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class5 Fat Bands
   (6).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class6 NEB
   (7).Title:Instruction to Graphic Instructor class7 ChargeDensity

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